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Don’t miss the chance to become a part of the main event of the coming spring – BIMCO 2020. Each year we do our best to hold our conference at the highest level and take for it full of strength and hope, that’s why BIMCO is the biggest international medical and pharmaceutical Congress of students and young scientists in Ukraine. Today, in the framework of the Congress you have the opportunity to share your achievements and ideas in theoretical, experimental and clinical medicine, as well as humanitarian and organizational aspects of medical and pharmaceutical industries, take part in various workshops and make acquaintances with colleagues during the social program.
If you see yourself as a scientist and want to set new goals and to pursue them – your way to success is BIMCO!

AIMS Meeting [Annual International (bio)Medical Students Meeting] is the largest European Biomedical Conference organized by medical students from all years. It is essentially advocated by the Faculty of Medicine of the Lisbon Students’ Local Committee and highlights the importance of medical education for all students of health sciences though a diverse approach.

The International Medical Students’ Congress of Bucharest was born from the powerful wish of a group of students to create equal opportunities for medical students to acquire the knowledge and practical skills that could make a huge difference in their career.

Taking place in Bucharest, the wonderful capital of Romania, between 4-8 December, the IMSCB is the perfect opportunity to develop your medical abilities and interact with students from all over the world, in a friendly environment.

We want to suit all of your interests, therefore we have prepared numerous WORKSHOPS, CONFERENCES and KEYNOTES, on a valuable variety of medical subjects.


Active Participant Deadline: 13th of October

Passive Participant Deadline: 20th of October

ZIMS is a medical congress that brings together medical students and young doctors worldwide.

ZIMS gathers students of biomedical sciences and young doctors.

Definition of „young doctor“ is taken from statute of EMSA Europe as a person who graduated from medical tudies in the last 5 years.

You can participate as active presenter (with poster presentation or oral presentation on MS PowerPoint), or as passive participant.

CIMSC-Craiova International Medical Students’ Conference
We are looking forward to welcoming you to CIMSC 2019!

The Antwerp Medical Students’ Congress is a project of the European Medical Students Association in Antwerp, Belgium. The AMSC has seen 13 editions. Our congress is perfect for all students in the (para)medical field (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biomedical sciences and nursery) to share their knowledge with students from across the world.

The 14th edition will take place from the 9th to the 12th of September 2020. We will spend the first two days sharing all knowledge gathered by research conducted by medical students, using poster and oral presentations.

The International Biomedical Congress of Sofia – an epitome in the field of science in Bulgaria, giving YOU access to the greatest advancements in medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy and other biosciences. Through various activities, such as lectures, workshops, talks and symposiums, you can dive in the great uknown and be reborn with kowledge, far wider than you have dreamt of. Register now and meet fellow big thinkers, like yourself, in the best congress for biosciences on the Balkan pepnisula. Why not become part of a life-changing event, that can vastly broaden your horizons and introduce you to the newest developments and breakthroughs in many life sciences?

SaMED – Sarajevo International Medical Students Congress is a gathering of young researchers from the field of biomedical sciences, promoting exchange of knowledge, improvement of scientific work and growth of ideas.

The story of SaMED had started slowly as an idea of students from University of Sarajevo Faculty of Medicine and it is an enthusiasm of these young people that gained it a huge momentum. Now, SaMED is coming with its 5th special edition and as a common project of three different medical student’s associations – ASMF, BoHeMSA and InciSion BiH. 













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